Life on the Move by Lisa Webb available on Amazon.
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Life on the Move – Now Available on Amazon

Wow, I’ve read my advance digital copy of Life on the Move and it’s fabulous.  I loved all the stories.  I was so interested to read the tales set in my home country, the UK, as they hold an interesting lens up to things I don’t normally pause to think about. However, after a combined 10 years living in Africa, the stories set there resonated the most for me.  But truly, each story is in its own way is worthy of your time.

An Unwelcome Visitor

I penned Chapter 17, An Unwelcome Visitor. Here’s a sneak peak at the opening line of my story which is set in South Africa, but also includes brief reflection on our time in Nigeria.

“I awoke to frenzied barking.  The only other time I had heard our dog bark so was when we had an unwelcome visitor in the garden.”

If you want to know what happens next and why the dog was going bananas, you’ll have to buy the book…

Life on the Move, Nicola Beach showing opening lines to An Unwelcome Visitor.


To whet your appetite further, here’s the back-of-the-book blurb:

“Imagine handing over your passport in Saudi Arabia, being sent away with the ‘women and children’ in an evacuation from Congo, catching a ride on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle in China, getting closer than you ever thought with your Italian mother- in-law, learning Arabic in a Syrian mosque, finding yourself at a dinner party with your husband’s colleague and his multiple wives, or using your second language to teach another grown woman to use a tampon.

Life abroad is an adventure. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying, and sometimes there seems to be no middle ground. One thing’s is for sure, living in a country other than your own is anything but ordinary! These pages are filled with stories from women who have shared the highs and lows of living abroad. The feelings are strong and real on these pages; covering love, loss, friendship and lessons learned across the continents.”

I’m impatiently waiting for July 1st when I touch down in the UK so that I can get my mitts on an actual physical copy of the book.

Buy One for Yourself and another for a Friend

If you’ve embraced a global lifestyle, then you are bound to enjoy Life on the Move. Equally, it would of course also make a great welcome or farewell gift for your expat friends.

There’s a delicious mix of funny, crazy, reflective and gut-wrenching stories that take you on a whistle-stop cross-continental roller coaster ride.  If you’ve ever lived far from home, you will nod along at the mishaps, misunderstandings and muddles that the authors describe.  Equally you will empathise with some of the less cheerful and more challenging aspects other writers faced.

Life on the Move is available on Kindle and in paperback. If you’re in the UK, click to here to order your copy.  For US orders, click here. If you’re anywhere else in this big beautiful world of ours, please check your local Amazon for availability.  Proceeds from the book will be supporting Mwana Villages in the Republic of Congo. 

Happy reading.

Life on the Move book cover, available on Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Life on the Move – Now Available on Amazon”

      1. I figured and it made me giggle. It’s Amazon, I mean amazing to know that the book has cause such excitement all the way over there in Finland. 🙂


      2. 😂 Definitely! I love hearing stories from other expats and finding out what’s different/weird for other people in certain countries. I’m super excited to read it! (Obviously.)

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  1. Excellent. Although I haven’t been an expat for a decade or two I’m sure I’ll be able to relate to this- specially if there are any stories in Hong Kong!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Got my copy and plan to read it on the plane when we head back to Joburg next month. Maybe the stories will help us decide where to move to next. Or scare the pants off us!?! Well done to all the writers, can’t wait to smile, nod and grimace along with your tales.

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