Find out who our Expat Pass the Parcel Winners Are

Gift Box with Metallic Ribbon
What’s in the Mystery Box? Please note this is not the actual prize – this is for illustrative purpose only.

Expat Pass the Parcel is officially closed and we have three lucky winners.  Please watch the live draw below to find out if it’s YOU.  Is it you?  I hope it’s you.

Apologies in advance for any name mispronunciations.  I don’t normally sound so croaky either, too much cheering at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens over the weekend.

I will be in touch with the three winners over the coming week, to start making a plan to get your prizes across oceans and mountaintops, somehow, someway, somewhen.

The Winners





Do you want to be part of the Expat Express delivery?

If you didn’t win, but might be able to help be part of the chain to pass on the prize?

Don’t worry, the parcels will be sent unsealed so that you can check there is nothing untoward inside.  There will be no alcohol, foodstuffs or anything remotely illegal.


Thank YOU

Thank you so much to everybody who entered.

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