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The South African Hadeda Alarm Clock

The culture here in South Africa is one of ‘early to bed and early to rise’. Is it because the sun rises so early? No, it’s because of the delightful hadeda bird that serves as a daily alarm clock. If you are lucky the alarm will be sustained and provided in surround sound by multiple hadeda birds at the same time. Precious.

Have you ever heard the ear shattering screech of the hadeda as it pierces the the gentle quiet of dawn? This is but a timid sample, yet if you turn your volume up as high as it will go, you too can appreciate this special sound. It’s best listened to at the crack of dawn when you are in deep slumber. Perhaps you could test it out on somebody you don’t like very much.

Good morning and you’re welcome to the hadeda alarm.


You can learn more about just a small selection of birds we’ve encountered in Johannesburg, including the hadeda, the weaver bird and the go-away bird by clicking here.

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