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Feeding the Five Thousand South African Style

South Africa is a meat loving nation.  The braai (barbecue) is practically a national pass time, heck, it’s nigh on a national sport.  Just to give this claim some context, you need to see this mother-of-all-meat competitions running at one of our local shopping centres..

Feeding the 5000
Boerewors is a fat curled spicy beefy sausage.

Seriously, HALF A TON of meat!!!!!     It’s a gargantuan quantity.

How many people could that feed?

Here are my rough calculations…

An American ton = 907.185 Kgs.

Half a ton would therefore be a smidgen over 450kg.

That’s the equivalent weight of 5 sturdy men, or the approximate weight of a cow or a horse.  Yikes.

With 500g of meat (and a few veggies) I can easily make a casserole which will feed 5-6 people.

Half a ton of boerwors = @450kg = 450,000g

450,000g/500g casserole meals = 900 casseroles

900 casseroles x  5-6 portions = 4500 to 5400 portions

So the winner of this competition should be able to recreate the feeding of the five thousand! Holy boerewors.

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