Random Jo’burg Roundup

It’s silly season.  The carol reel is looping in the shops, the Christmas biscuits in pretty tins have been shining on the shelves for weeks and everything has gone into warp speed with the end of the year looming.  Contractors and government departments will imminently shut up shop for the long Christmas holiday. Sitting down to write keeps dropping down the priority list.

However, this week I’ve come across 5 random things which I’ve cobbled together into a short post to share with you.

I’m calling it my Random Jo’burg Roundup.

1. Genius Gift Idea:  You might remember me telling you about the power cuts we had during the winter months and the culinary (and other) challenges they posed.  You can read about our power cut problems here, here and here.

Yes, the power has been much much more reliable for weeks now, but winter will be back next May/June, so we need to stay prepared.  Well, it looks like good old Woolworths has risen to the challenge and produced a book specially for power cut cooking.

unplugged cook book

Glow in the Dark Power Cut Cook Book

I just love the fact that it’s glow in the dark.   Continue reading

All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

I said all hail, not all hell.

It WAS biblical though.

After weeks and weeks of rainlessness in Johannesburg and much of South Africa…

After weeks of drought and water restrictions…

All    hail    broke    loose.

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Homesick Hilda, Part-Time Pauline and Nervous Nellie – The Doomed Expat Spouses

the doomed expat spouse

The Doomed Expat Spouse

Previously I wrote about expat wives (spouses) and how crucial their state of happiness is the success of an expat posting.    However, expat life is not for everybody and today I’m going to introduce you to three stereotyped expat spouses who are almost certainly doomed to be unhappy.

Meet Homesick Hilda, Part-Time Pauline and Nervous Nellie: Continue reading

Happy Expat Wife, Happy Expat Life – 5 Strategies to become a Happy Expat

Expat Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy Expat Wife, Happy Expat Life

See how I adapted a well-known adage by throwing the word ‘expat’ in there? I would even go as far as to say that it’s MORE true that the original Happy Wife, Happy Life saying.

Let me explain:

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Jacarandas and Expats – 5 Similarities

Jacaranda City Pretoria Johannesburg

Pretoria is the Jacaranda City, but there are plenty to see in Johannesburg too.

Jacaranda season is upon us again here in South Africa (the trees bloom any time from September through to November – it varies slightly from year to year).  These stunning trees blossom a stunning shade of purple bringing a smile to many.

It struck me that the jacaranda trees and expats have a few things in common.  Here are 5 ways that jacarandas and expats are alike.


1. Neither jacarandas nor expats are indigenous to South Africa.

Jacarandas originate from Central and South America and are also found naturally in Cuba, The Bahamas and Jamaica. Because of their gorgeous burst of purple blue blossom they have been transposed to many parts of Asia and also Zimbabwe and … South Africa.

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