Honeydew’s 2016 Amazing Maize Maze will have you Buzzing with Excitement

Update on Honeydew Mazes:  I sent a link to the little post I wrote about Honeydew Mazes to  the Honeydew team.  I received this lovely reply AND a sneak preview of next year’s maize maze. It’s important to support local business, so with the sender’s kind permission I’m sharing the contents of her email (and the new maze design).

On 27 Oct 2015, at 18:49, Honeydew Mazes <enquiries@maizemaze.co.za> wrote:


Thanks for the great review! Yes, fairy does look creepy – will have to replace – I have not looked at it in ages!! Loos are a problem – being a small business banks are not happy to lend us the 40000 required to build more toilets – a nightmare for small business – when we started 11 years ago we had no idea if the concept would work!! We are approaching the banks again- hopefully we will have better luck!! Actually people love the Barbies on the toilet doors – great for people that do not speak English – Barbie is not my favorite person – but many a parent is dragged to the toilets to view the dolls! 

Thanks again, maize maze opens in February, depending on rain and sun! 


our 2016 design – very tricky we think!!

See you in 2016.

Judy Hall


‘Where getting lost is half the fun!’

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I’m kind of hoping they don’t replace the creepy fairy.  She was creepy, but in a charming way.

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