Caption Competition: Frog on Loo Brush

frog on loobrush

Small frog has brush with death.

In South Africa the wildlife is abundant.  Evicting wildlife from our home is one of the many duties that falls under my broad ‘Expat Wife’ remit.
Most weeks I find at least one new bug or creature hanging out in our house.  

Like these ones:

IMG_5950 1 IMG_5788 IMG_5940 1

If you’ve been following this blog, you might have gathered that I don’t love dealing with spiders, stingers or snakes.

The little frog in the main photo didn’t phase me too much though.  I’m calling him a frog, but feel free to correct me if he’s actually a toad.

He was happily snuggled on a loo brush.

The best caption I could come up with is “Small frog has brush with death”.

Can you come up with a better one?  

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