WHAT’s on the menu?

It’s been a busy week here, so it’s a micro post today to keep things ticking over.  Hopefully it will give you a tiny Sunday morning chuckle.

red orb sunset

There was a spectacular sunset last night. A giant blazing red orb, was bobbing just above the horizon as we headed out for dinner. It was a Hollywood movie kind of sunset that had the kids bouncing excitedly in the back of the car.

By the time I’d pulled off the strip of tarmac road onto the dusty bumpy side lane (all of 30 seconds later) it had almost disappeared below the horizon. I am no photographer and my phone takes shockingly poor quality photos. So, here is my African sunset. In real life it was beyond stunning, but the picture is pretty useless, so you’ll have to give your imagination a bit of a workout when you look at the photo above. Sorry.

The other circular thing that caught my attention over the last few days was a particular pizza at a new pizzeria.

It tickled my language funny bone. I love learning other languages and playing with words, as an expat it’s something that has come in fairly useful. I don’t claim to be an expert in Italian. I do however have a bestest buddy who is, so I double checked with her first.

Of course it’s a misprint!  Forth item in the right hand column.

hooker pizza

Mistress of the Night pizza!

6 thoughts on “WHAT’s on the menu?

    • Expatorama says:

      Erm, yes, normally all-eagle eyedness can be attributed to the children when you least want them to spot something, whether it be an ice-cream van, overpriced zany activity or inappropriate wordage. As it was in Italian, it was actually Mr Incredible who giggled like a naughty school boy and brought it to my attention.


  1. Helen says:

    Makes quite good sequence, doesn’t it…….prostituto on da terra leads to paradiso but children lead to the other place….wrong way round, surely?!!


  2. Sofie says:

    Oh, you crack me up, love it! As a soon to be expat-wife in Johannesburg (hopefully, more than soon) I follow you and getting to know Joburg through you and I’m telling you, I like what I learn 😃👍😘


    • Expatorama says:

      Thank you Sofie. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the blog. Jo’burg is one of those underrated places, it’s a bit of a rough diamond, but as expat postings go there is plenty to see, do and get involved in. Shout if you have any questions. Cheers.


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