Barefoot Doctor

South African kids love to go barefoot. It’s not a symptom of poverty per se, at least not in the case of the children I have in mind. They have shoes, but often prefer not to wear them. One child in Pickle’s class last year refused to wear shoes or socks. Even on frosty mornings, he would STILL get his toes out.

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Liter of Light – Hey Kids, DO Try This Science Project

Today’s Liter of Light post is actually an easy little science project to make with your kids at home or in a classroom setting.  It’s simple, inexpensive and quick.  It’s neither dangerous nor messy and most importantly it works!  We decided to do test out this project when we were living in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It was a relevant project that the kids enjoyed because we had been experiencing rolling blackouts or power cuts called load-shedding. Also, in Johannesburg sunshine is plentiful, even though the power supply is not always.   Continue reading

Double Entendre

I just read an article about a tourist who was removed from a cruise liner when he joked about ‘jumping ship’. It was misunderstood by the crew who spoke English as a second language that he had lost the will to live and was planning to end it all by flinging him self overboard in the middle of the sea.

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10 Tips for Air Travel with Toddlers

Travel with toddlers and babies, Mr Men books are ideal.

More specifically, top 10 travel tips for air travel with toddlers and babies from an Expat mum who has dealt with:

  • multiple rapid nappy changes,
  • explosive sneezes,
  • a tiny Marshmellow Man child with an allergic reaction
  • been peed on at 30,000 ft.

If you’d like to read more about these delightful (I can laugh about them now) air travel with toddler experiences, click here.

Toddlers and air travel are not the happiest combination. Thank goodness we’re past that tricky stage. Past it, unlike the couple in front of us on a flight earlier this week juggling a restless toddler who had just pinched her already howling baby brother. Pickle said (i.e. shouted): “That baby is really annoying. Why won’t it be quiet?” All of those “precious” travel-with-tots-memories came flooding back. Here are 10 tips for those of you still in the zone.

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