Wasps 2. The Carpenter

This beauty landed by our back door and I quickly snapped couple of pictures before she flew off. After unsuccessfully googling her, I found a group of Bug enthusiasts online who kindly identified her.

It turns out she was a “female Carpenter Bee, but not in good health”. So in fact not a wasp, but a busy bee. Apparently she doesn’t look perky (although I’m not sure what a perky bee would look like) and it’s unusual for her to just land and laze about in an open space.

Unlike yesterday’s industrious Mud Dauber Wasp who constructs smart little nests, the Carpenter bee is a little force of destruction tunnelling into wood to build theirs, although they don’t actually eat the wood, it’s just discarded.  A tree or roof strut will do quite nicely.

With her hairy legs and shiny inky wings she must have been some 2 inches long.  I didn’t want to get too close.  However, my fear factor quickly dissipated when I found out that they are non aggressive and male bees (which are even larger) don’t actually have a stinger, which means we can legitimately classify the female carpenter bees as more ‘bad-ass’ than the males.

Probably a Female Carpenter Bee - probably not in good health.

Probably a Female Carpenter Bee – probably not in good health.

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